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タリーズでゆったりのんびり。 Leisurely relaxed at Tully's Coffee.









 Tully's Coffee is also on the Takasaki.

The place of about 2 minutes' walk from Takasaki Station west exit, some of the station there is also a Starbucks, but I went to the Tully's coffee there was a little away.

In Tully's Coffee next to bookstore, which is open until late, also located in the area Baskin Robbins, which was posted on a blog the other day. It will go well because the shop is 100 yen shop (hyakkin) even in places that have set some of UNICUS





UNICUS Takasaki

パパとカフェ。タピオカ入り♪ #tullys #coffee #takasaki #高崎 #gunma #japan #unicus #milktea










It is convenient because recently you can buy items of Tully's Coffee and Starbucks is also a convenience store.

Out-of-stock It is also convenient to buy in Internet shopping, such as item.